Saturday, July 15, 2006

we have movement

I'm 19 weeks today, and I think I'm finally feeling the baby move. Yay! :) Yesterday at lunch, I felt three distinct little taps about 10 seconds apart. These taps didn't feel at all like gas or anything so I was pretty sure it was the baby. Then I felt one more tap a bit later in the afternoon. Today, I felt some more movements, and they were still so tiny, but this time they were a few actual pushes, one right after the other. It was SO cool, but at the same time a little strange. My body is doing such an amazing thing by providing a place for the baby to grow, but the baby is doing these movements on its own. There really is an entirely separate human being inside me right now. That fact is SO hard to wrap my brain around, but the increasing movements over the next few weeks will definitely help it sink in.

Like earlier when I was sick all the time, "yeah I'm naseous because I'm pregnant." Or after that when I would get so sleepy early in the evenings "I need a little more rest because I'm pregnant." Or when I was just STARVING by 8:30 am "I am hungry and need to eat more frequently because I'm pregnant." I would think these things to try and help the pregnancy sink in, but they were just words and even though I KNEW that I was/am pregnant, words and mild symptoms alone cannot make me really FEEL pregnant. But the growing belly over the past few weeks and now these tiny, wonderful movements are definitely making me "feel" pregnant. I am looking forward to both the belly and the movements increasing over the next several months.

I can't believe that my childbirth classes are in less than 2 months! I haven't even seriously looked at baby furniture or any of the other "stuff" that I'll need right off the bat. I really need to get on the stick about that so that I am not scrambling at the last minute.

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