Saturday, July 1, 2006

slowly making progress in organizing things

Very very slowly, I am making progress in getting organized. I have my thoughts of what I need to do... I just need to DO it. It helps that I have today off (except for a shower that I'm going to this afternoon) and Tuesday off, and next Saturday off. I've been writing in this blog for so long and it's been so easy that I've neglected my paper journal. The last entry in that was from August of 2005. I am going to catch that up first b/c it is something I've written in off and on since I was 15 and eventually I may want my children and grandchildren to read it. So I printed off this blog from July of '05 thru now to help me remember significant events. :P

Hubby and I did decide to go ahead and get a doppler and now we listen to the baby almost every day. I can now distinguish between just the pulse and the actual heartbeat, and last night I even managed to get the "galloping horse" sound that several of the baby websites talk about. We've called both sets of parents on the phone and let them listen too. They loved it. :)

But anyway getting back to the organization thing. After I get my journal caught up, I'm going to get back into sewing with a vengeance, and I'm also going to clean out our dresser drawers. Hubby and I wear clothes that are all from our closet, except for our socks and underwear, so there are clothes in those drawers that we haven't even seen since we've moved here. Cleaning several of those drawers out will open up a lot of storage room... which we need with a baby coming. After I get caught up w/ that and the sewing I want to start organizing and rearranging the room that will be the nursery. It is a HUGE room so we can put some "stuff" (like my huge pile of craft/sewing supplies) in one side of the room and have the other side for baby things. But there is a huge collection of CD's that are mispackaged or lost or something, and those all need to be gone through, for example.

Not a whole lot else going on. Hubby wants to go watch fireworks today (our town is doing them early since it's a very big event here) but I don't want to fight a crowd of 50K to 100K people. We'll probably end up just staying in and watching another NetFlix movie.

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