Thursday, July 27, 2006

being overcome with excess emotion

The extra pregnancy emotions have started to settle in. :) Thankfully, they are not all crying sessions, lol. Sometimes I just feel extra happy, too, so happy that all I can do is laugh out loud for real.

But anyway, on the boo-hoo's... Hubby and I are watching a reality show about chefs, one of the type where each week there is an elimination. This week they were down to the final five. We watched this show last season too and when they got to the final five, after each was eliminated, they would show a mini-montage of all the fun times and positive moments that that particular person had. Last season when I watched the montages I would think "oh, that's so nice of them to do that so we remember their good times and not what they just got eliminated for" etc. But with this past show and seeing the first montage, I just kept wanting to cry. :P

And then at Toys'R'Us this weekend, when hubby and I were setting up our registry, there was the option to have a message print off on the registry sheets when people come to shop for us. I suggested to hubby to put "Thanks for thinking of us during our special time"... but I was only able to say aloud "Thanks for thinking of us". If I finished the phrase out loud, I just knew that I would start crying. My voice even cracked a tiny bit at "us". :P

As for the laughter, that comes from baby kicks. I've been feeling the baby move pretty consistently day to day, but usually he/she kicks me in random spots in my intestines, instead of right up on the surface where I could feel the kicks from the outside. Well, when I got home from work this afternoon, I layed down in bed for a bit and was able to feel several BIG kicks from both the inside and outside. Each kick would bring me such intense joy that my body would just involuntarily laugh. I couldn't NOT laugh if I tried. I really really love those kicks and don't think I could ever get tired of them. These kicks were big enough that if I could see my stomach (I couldn't from the angle I was at), I'm sure I would be SEEing them as well. If I laugh just at feeling strong kicks, I wonder how I'll feel in a few more months when I SEE the baby move.

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