Thursday, July 5, 2007

her cousin remembers her

I talked to my Mom today. We had spoken yesterday, also. I called her to get a diaper rash cream recipe since Lydia still had some bad diaper rash going on. She called my sister and got it from her and called me back, and also mentioned that an oatmeal bath had cleared up my nephew's rash very quickly. So I went the oatmeal route first and it worked for Lydia also. Mom called today to ask how it went and I told her.

Then she also mentioned to me that my oldest nephew (3 yrs) and sister were shopping the other day, and passed a display of straw-cups. These cups had different characters and designs on them, etc. Well my nephew grabs a butterfly cup and puts it in the cart. My sister asks him why he got that one b/c it's for girls. He told her that he wanted to get it for Lydia. :) :)

Hubby found out yesterday that we are indeed moving to DFW. It'll be sometime late next week when we pull out of here with the U-haul. I should be packing right now but I did do a lot of pre-moving errands already today. I'm also still a little worn out from being out until nearly 2 am last night (er, this morning) doing fireworks. Besides, it's only Thursday and hubby's moving expense check won't even be cut until Tuesday, and I did just finish that big purge from a couple of months ago... so I'll rest the rest of today and start in strong tomorrow. :)

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Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

Wow, that's a quick, pick up and move. It really sounds like you are taking it in stride, even though I'm sure you are anxious to be back closer to family.

Good luck with the move.