Friday, July 20, 2007

unpacking for a long time

Well, we found a place to live. It has some small faults but overall it's not a bad place at all. It's right in between hubby's work and church so that is nice to be close to both places. And it turns out that we will be reimbursed for any legit expenses that we went over on our moving. Hubby talked to his new DM and apparently when we moved to Missouri, the relocation thing was done wrong. I wish it could have been done "wrong" again, but oh well. What's done is done.

As soon as we had an address, I called from the hotel to get phone service connected, but they said it would be 5-10 business days for the phone and then another several weeks (worst case scenario) for DSL. I am almost positive, based on this info, that I will not be able to work at all in July, which puts a damper on August's budget. But hopefully everything will be installed in time for me to do at least a little work in August. And in the meantime, I can definitely put a big dent in unpacking. I also need to go through the dresser drawers and a few other minor places, and probably get rid of some more stuff.

Hubby had his first scary moment with Lydia the other day. He took her with him to go check the mail, and the only thing there was a postcard advertisement. When he got back he said that he hoped I didn't like that particular store b/c "monster baby ate it." Lydia had it all crumpled in her hands and was gnawing on it. I took it away but the damage had been done... a big piece was missing from the corner. I swept my finger through her mouth but didn't feel anything (I was a little too aggressive in my sweeping though and made her gag). I set her on the floor and moments later, with no sound or fuss, the missing corner came sliding out of her mouth. Hubby was closer so I had him grab it out of her mouth. He felt SO bad afterwards. He really didn't think that she could actually take a bite of something without teeth.

The church we're going to is amazing. It's the largest congregation, by far, that I have ever been a member of. They have a babies' Bible class there, and I took Lydia on Sunday morning but stayed in there with her just in case she got fussy. She did fine though and really enjoyed it. :) So on Wednesday I tried leaving her by herself and she did fine then too. I was telling Mom about the class and she got all sad b/c she didn't realize that Lydia was that old yet.

I'm on a limited time budget here at the library computer, though, so I'd better close this up. Until our DSL is hooked up, I don't know how often I'll really be able to get on here.


jdavidb said...

Welcome (back) to Texas!

Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

Yes, welcome back!!

I'm still so proud of how you've taken this all in stride and all the cleaning and organizing you are doing. Your family is so lucky to have you for a mom/wife.

mollyk said...

Glad to read things are going well. Continued goodluck getting settled and hope to see you back on our boards soon!