Tuesday, July 10, 2007

very strange dream about moving

This will probably be my last blog entry until after the move, and I had a weird dream last night that I have to write about while I still remember it.

So I'm laying in the bed, dreaming about moving. Except it's not quite "right". First off in the dream, my in-laws are living in the back bedroom and we're having to pack up all of their stuff also. Then they're going to pack it up again from our new place and move out from there almost right away. We had barely started packing by the time the U-haul came, and so we were late getting to the new city. Then, when we were moving my IL's couch, there was ... hm how to put this delicately... there was "evidence" that an animal had been there. They called someone to come clean it up, and a guy came w/ a steam-vac sort of thing and vaccuumed up part of it, then got out a little test strip and stuck the strip into the matter. The test strip was able to tell what kind of animal had left the deposit. It was a raccoon.

Shortly after that I woke up, relieved to not have to worry about finding random animal "stuff" under my couch, and relieved to still have 2 full days to pack. Although we did get some disturbing news about the move yesterday. Hubby's company is paying for the move... BUT... we pick up the Uhaul Thursday morning and have to turn it in Sunday morning. So we will be packing and driving on Thursday and since it's 7 hours away then we'll obviously get there way too late to look for any apartments that day. So according to them, bright and early Friday morning we need to try and find an apartment, hope they can process our application that day, sign the lease, get the utilities connected (since every other apartment I've lived in needed that connection slip before I could move in), etc. True that there are apartments that are open on Saturday so in theory we could do some looking then, too, but they wouldn't be able to check our rental history since the management company here is closed on Saturday.

Hubby has a call in right now to see how many hotel days the company is paying for. Hopefully it'll get us through Tuesday morning so we can possibly have Monday to look for an apartment too and/or finish narrowing down the ones we'd seen on Friday and Saturday. Also, this is DALLAS! Our time already will be limited because of the traffic. When the new district manager told hubby that he wants him to start on the 15th, he said he'd work with him on the move. This doesn't really feel like "working with" us at all. Our other relocation went a LOT more smoothly, probably because we left on a Tuesday instead of a Thursday and still had several business days to look around before the weekend came. I'll try to update a bit later when I hear from hubby again.

Lydia's doing well and still rolling all over the place, still no teeth, still not sitting up. We went to our last Springfield LLL meeting last night and one of my friends took me and hubby out for dinner afterwards. I'm sad to leave all these babies that Lydia has been growing up with but know that there are groups down in Dallas for me to join too.

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