Sunday, July 1, 2007

moving again already?

Well, my tie-dyed diaper business is on hold again, while hubby and I wait to hear about his job situation. He has applied for two different positions (w/ the same company) in Texas (DFW area). He hasn't heard back from one of them but on the other he has a phone interview tomorrow. If we move, it'll likely be before the end of the month. Good thing I semi-finished that organization a while back. It's weird, too, because the last time I did a big organization thing, we found out the very next week that we were moving to Springfield. :P The move would be a good one for us in so many ways, but on the other hand I wouldn't mind staying here in Missouri for just a little while longer. If we get the position that he has a phone interview with tomorrow, it would be a lateral move (i.e. no increase in salary), BUT there are 10 stores within 18 miles and more even after that, so definitely easier to move up again w/o having to "fully" relocate again, KWIM? So for now, the diapers are staying un-dyed since it's a several-day process. Transcription will pick up again later this month, hopefully we will be moved (if we move) in time for me to take the most advantage of that.

I just got back from a week in Oklahoma. Mother-in-law had had surgery a week ago Wednesday and needed some companionship and someone to do her heavy lifting. I let Lydia lay in her bed and in her chair with her frequently, and I think she was good medicine. :)

I realize I posted a video w/ my last entry, but that was almost half a month ago. So here's another one. lol. In this one, she's taking great enjoyment from her turtle teething toy. Some of her noises in there sound like coughs, but they are all laughs. :) Hubby's mom got to hear a bunch of laughs while I was down there, too.


Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

Lydia's hair looks really cute in the video. Has it started to lay flatter, now that it is growing out?

Good luck on the job situation. It is ironic that you just cleaned. Kevin thinks that leaving a box packed keeps him from having to move. Shortly after the Houston transfer, I unpacked his office for him. Then he got another promotion and had to move offices - luckily not towns. I just decorated/unpacked his new office (5 months later), so while a promotion is nice, he's ready to stay put for a bit... I make him keep his tacky stuffed catus "packed" away.

Andrea said...

Yeah it's starting to lay a little flatter. It seems like it has some "substance" to it instead of being so fine and wispy like it was before.

lol at the stuffed cactus.

Jennifer Aka "Aloha1971" said...

Lydia looks so cute on the floor. It looks like she is belly dancing except on the floor. Or maybe she just wants to fly. Anyway just caught up on your blog hope all is well and if a move in the plans jope it's an easy transition for you guy's.