Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the hanging garden of my patio

Not nearly as impressive as I imagine the hanging gardens of Babylon were, I now have a tiny hanging garden on my patio, made of one tomato plant and one cucumber plant. They are hanging upside-down. I succumbed to the sales pitch of this infomercial and hopefully will have some fruits later this summer. The hubby and I hung them up tonight, by wrapping a chain around the support beam of the balcony above ours and then hanging the planters from the chain. They did come with hooks that they could hang from, but after having a hanging kitchen basket full of onions and potatoes fall down out of the ceiling, I'm a little wary of hooks.

I had tried to start my plants from seeds, and all the seeds sprouted, but due to my brown thumb, they all are now lifeless. They grew just enough to use up the energy stored within the seed, but never grew large enough to start producing their own energy. So I bought some slightly larger plants the other day, good-looking ones, that will hopefully remain alive. They have fresh air and sunshine but are sheltered from the rain, so I just need to remember to water them every now and then.

If the plants do well, I will take some pictures later on. If they don't, well then, we shall never speak of this travesty again.


The Bennett Family said...

Good luck! I can sympathize with the brown thumb. Hope you have some yummy cucumbers and tomatoes this summer!

Margaret said...

That's so funny that you posted this b/c I saw this info-mercial during a late night feeding and was totally hooked. Although, I'm not sure I'll actually buy one. But I'm really tempted.

I'm a little concerned our squirrels would climb up the contraption and eat the tomatoes.

Stephanie said...

Good Luck!

Paula said...

I was totally thinking of getting one of these too! Can't believe how "alike" we think....so strange.