Thursday, March 26, 2009

a couple of cute things she says

Lydia loves to sing, and she loves me to sing to her. (Well, sometimes she loves me to sing. Other times if I'm singing and she's not in the mood to hear me, she'll say "No sing, mommy." LOL) But she doesn't know about song title, so instead, she will ask me to sing a particular song by phrasing some of the lyrics as a question to me. Like: "ABCDEFG?" or "All around the neighborhood?" (for "This Little Light of Mine") or today's newest installment, "Up the water 'pout?" (for "The Itsy Bitsy Spider.") Then, if she wants to have something or to do something, she'll say "How 'bout...." and then state her request. Like just now, she was hungry for a snack, so she said, "How 'bout some bread?"

But yesterday morning was the funniest thing she'd said in a while. I've been teaching her to ask nicely for things, and to say "May I have a ____ please?" instead of just demanding something with a holler and a single word. She's doing pretty well with it. When she wakes up in the morning, she sits in her bed and talks to herself and laughs and is just in a good mood. Occasionally she'll get a little loud and say things to try to get my attention so she can get out and go play (like "Moooooommmmmmmyyyy, where aaaaaaarrrrreeee yooooouuuuu?" from the other day), but most of the time she just chatters to herself. But yesterday she nearly made me laugh out loud. Several times in a row, she said, "May I have a open-the-door please?" LOL

The pregnancy is moving right along. I still have an occasional day of sickness, but most of the time I feel pretty good. I'm starting to get rather thick, and have gradually started to bring out the maternity clothes, tops only for now, since most of my bottoms are still forgiving enough to allow another week or two of wearing.


Lee Ann said...

I love it! What a darling she is..

Lindsay said...

That is absolutely hilarious! Made me laugh out loud. What a cutie!