Thursday, March 5, 2009

a moment of realization

Wow. I'm pregnant!

It just sort of hit me yesterday. This feeling is new to me, because with Lydia, the pregnancy was never "real" to me, not even when I was in labor. But maybe because I've gone through it before and know what's to come, it sort of all sunk in yesterday. In about 7 months, I will be a mother of TWO! My "inner child" will become an outer child and I'll get to see if he/she will look like me or be another clone of Tim and Lydia. My belly will get big(ger) and movements will be able to be seen and felt from the inside and out. An amazing journey waits for me and I hope I can cherish every day (instead of dwelling on the unpleasant side effects thus far).


The Bennett Family said...

What an amazing gift to nurish your baby as it grows inside you. :) Definitely enjoy every moment. We're excited for you guys!

Lee Ann said...

I loved getting to see you through your pregnancy journey with Lydia and I'm so excited to get to watch this new joy come into you life!

Timothy (DH) said...

Lydia has some of the looks that I possess, yet she is definately a girl with her mother's nose and hair. While she has my sense of adventure, she has her mother's common sense. Andrea is such a wonderful mother, growing every day as my beloved wife. Prayerfully I'm doing the same. May God enrich your family as much as he has ours.