Monday, March 16, 2009

first prenatal appointment

Well, technically it wasn't my "first" prenatal appointment since I did have several of those with Lydia, but it was the first one for this pregnancy. :) We heard the heartbeat and I got weighed (up 5 lbs so far) and filled out some paperwork. The heartbeat was hard to find since I'm still a little early, but she finally found it hiding behind one of MY pulses. My lab work was on a different day and I'm going to have a little bruise from that, but the good news is that I did NOT get lightheaded w/ the needle this time. Usually I do, so I'm glad I got to avoid that feeling.

In Lydia news, she's started saying "Okay" a lot. The tone she uses when she says it is absolutely adorable. She'll say it after Tim or I ask her to do something, but not all the time, otherwise I'd try to get it on video. You'll just have to take my word as to how cute it is. ;)

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Lee Ann said...

Congratulations again!

Do try to get it on video. I want to hear a cute little voice.. ;)