Saturday, April 2, 2005

double vision caused by user error

I found out what was happening to my "disappearing" entries. I was seeing an old version of my page. I cleared my cache and now all my posts are showing up again. Woohoo. :)

As for my double vision, I had my appointment this morning and they said that my flap still looks fine and everything (no epithelial ingrowth like it was a month ago). My double vision is being caused by dry eye. I have been using those salty drops which suck out a lot of the water from my eyes, but they never felt uncomfortable to me during the rest of the day so I kindof slacked off on the lubricating drops, using those about 4 times a day. The doctor today said that my eyes looked like someone took a toothpick and poked at it to make a bunch of dimples. Yikes! So he urged me to use the lubricating drops once every hour. And I need to use the salty drops for one more week and then discontinue those. Next appointment is in a month. :)

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