Saturday, April 9, 2005

four days in a row

Well, I managed to get up and do my walking video for four days in a row (Tuesday through Friday). I am taking the weekends off but may add them in later. I noticed that this walking started making me feel "crampy" (but it wasn't even that time of the month). Hopefully that will get better as I get in better shape and my body gets used to exercising. I know that when/if Tim and I are blessed with children, that being in shape will help me to have an easier pregnancy and delivery so I am using that to help motivate myself too. We still aren't planning children for quite a while yet, but no birth control is 100% so I need to keep that in mind.

The Big Organization Project is going fine. Today I'm going to go through the books, which won't take very long, and then probably do a room-by-room sorting instead of a project-by-project sorting. I'll need to work on the living room and dining room a tiny bit today b/c Tim's parents and brother are coming over for lunch tomorrow. When I did the paper sorting that helped a LOT but there are just still a few tiny things to put away. Tim's parents are also going through a Big Household Sorting and we are probably going to have a mutual yard sale in June.

The cat's toilet training is going OK. Right now I am a little discouraged. I had water in the mixing bowl under the sitz bath last week, but "something" (not sure if it was that water or not) made Tuxedo want to go in the tub instead of the litter. So I went back a step and took out the water, and so far I've caught him twice in the past two days going where he is supposed to, and praising him for it. I just hope they will let me put the water back in there someday. I know this will all be worth it in the end when my cats will go right into the toilet and I don't have any litter to clean up from being spilled or tracked around the house, etc., but my light at the end of the tunnel feels like a dim pinprick right now and the tunnel feels like it's 5 miles long.

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