Tuesday, April 5, 2005

i am in shape... round is a shape

Well, ok maybe I'm not really round, but I'm well on my way if I don't change my habits. I eat just fine, not overeating or eating too many bad things, etc. But I need to excercise. I have good intentions of getting up in the morning and doing my walking video for half an hour, but then the snooze alarm is SO tempting, and until this morning I've been succumbing to temptation. But this morning I got up and I walked. :) I was so happy. Now if I can just do it tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that, I'll be on my way to getting in better shape. Probably next month (if I can keep up the walking this month) I'll add in weight training 3 evenings per week, too.

I think part of the reason it's so hard for me to stay on track and excercise is that I look at my big goal of getting in shape which is months and months down the road, instead of just taking one day at a time. A nicotine patch ad actually made me think of that. A girl had been on the patch for 10 days and was saying how she just takes it one day at a time, instead of thinking about the REST OF MY LIFE. So I will try those thoughts and hopefully develop a good excercise habit.

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