Saturday, April 2, 2005

getting organized slowly but surely

Starting last week, I've been using my Saturdays to try and get a little more organized. Tim has to work most Saturdays so I have the whole day to do laundry, go grocery shopping, and get some things done around the house. Eventually I want to be able to move the computer into the living room and the bookshelf into the big bedroom (right now they are both in the little bedroom) to clear out that little bedroom so it can eventually be a nursery if we are blessed with children. We aren't trying for children for quite a while yet, but this Big Project of Getting Organized is going to take a while I think.

Last Saturday I started this major project with the bathroom. Before, I had all the cabinets full, and half the countertop had miscellaneous things on it (hair dryer, contact lens solution for Tim, etc). I emptied out all the drawers, the cabinets, and the countertop into the hallway and sorted it into piles of similar "stuff". I combined a few bottles here and there and threw out empty and expired products. Then I put everything back... and lo and behold I have a countertop now! It looks so much more pleasant than it did before. I am excited. :)

Then today I didn't know which other room to start with, because all the rest of them kindof intermingle, so I gathered up every single loose paper. Old bills, papers that Tim had printed off the computer, old church bulletins, junk mail, etc that had been accumulating in various places and put it all in a BIG box. Then I went through the box, filing what I wanted to file, and throwing away what I wanted to throw away, and leaving for Tim what he needed. Most of the papers were from the little bedroom. It is amazing how much more floor space I have now. :) Another thing I did was put all our decks of cards and other gaming accessories back into one box, instead of one box here and one box there and two bags over there.

If I don't change my mind between now and next Saturday, then the next "installment" of this project will probably be books. There are a ton of books we have that we don't use anymore, or don't have need of yet, that I need to sort through and box up and/or sell (garage sale, etc). We of course can't have a garage sale here at the apartment, but may do a joint one with Tim's parents later this summer at their house.

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