Wednesday, April 20, 2005

visit interrupted my organization

Wow has it really been 10 days since my last entry? I need to get on the stick.

Work has been busy with callouts and mailouts and faxouts and stuff to promote our new catalog that comes out every March. I am pooped when I come home.

Still plugging away at toilet training the kittens. June 24th I'll have to stop calling them kittens for they will be "grown" by then. I have transferred them to a different kind of litter which is completely flushable, so now I don't have to scoop so often, I can just use my scooper to kindof urge the clumps into the toilet and then flush them away. I have saved the mixing bowl though, in case I need to regress. I have also taped up about half the hole since that or something has been discouraging Tux from going #2 in the potty. He picks the tub so at least that is fairly easy to clean up. And last night he did go in the potty so hopefully that will continue. I try to be very encouraging to him about that.

The visit that interrupted my organization was my mom and sister. They came in to my aunt and uncle's house over the weekend to watch a gynmastics meet on Friday night. Saturday I just did my normal errands (laundry and grocery shopping, etc) and then spent the afternoon and evening over there visiting. (They live in one of the next towns over). I got to feel my sister's baby kick and move several times so that was neat. :) I can't wait until he's born in July. And my sis looked great. Mom made me some flipflops while she was here, too. She took some normaly flip flops and crocheted some fancy yarn around the straps and now I have big feathery poufy straps. It is very cool.

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