Friday, April 29, 2005

got a "new" car

Ok, so the car that Tim has has been slowly dying over the past couple of months. It is unable to be driven in OD now, has no a/c (even though that's not mechanical), and eats up gas like it's free. It wouldn't be cost effective for us to repair it. So we've been on the lookout for a different vehicle for him to drive but not having any luck. But I was driving home from work on Monday and saw a car in a parking lot close to home that said "runs great, a/c, must sell, $850" on it. I was going to go right past it and just go on home, but I decided to take another look. It was not pretty. It needs a paint job eventually but Tim wants to do part of that himself (there is a guy at church that has an auto paint sprayer) possibly. It also had a board in the backseat that was holding up the driver's seat. The tires were completely bald, and there were a few dents here and there. But it was a Nissan and Tim wanted a Nissan or Toyota since those makes have a reputation of lasting a long time. (Actually it is so old that it said Nissan AND Datsun on the back.) I called the # on the car and asked about the mileage and he said it was 164K. Which is not bad at all for a Nissan. I asked a few other questions then told the guy I'd probably have Tim call a bit later. When Tim got home I told him about it and he called the guy too. Tim worked on Tuesday, and the guy was moving to Florida on Thursday, and the only other offer he'd had was for $300. Tim made arrangements with him to test drive it that night after a few errands, then on Wednesday he picked it up (for less than the asking price) and got the tires and a few other minor things (spark plugs & wires, a seat from the salvage yard, etc). He is very excited about it. I even "got" to drive it for a little bit too and it didn't feel stiff or loose and didn't pull to the right or left or anything. It was fun. Tim is also excited that this car has a/c in it since the one he was driving didn't have it. He gets hot at work and then didn't have any relief on the way home. This car also has a CD player in it, and Tim is excited about that too so he can listen to some CDs now. :)

On a sadder note, I have been missing my daily walking for over a week now, since last Friday. :( Tomorrow I have big plans for my Big Organization Project so hopefully the work doing that will jumpstart my working out again.

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