Sunday, July 17, 2005

hip replacements should not be for the young

My brother in law had to have a hip replacement earlier this month. But it wasn't healing properly, so they replaced it again this past Friday and he is supposed to come home tomorrow (to Mom's house since his apartment is upstairs). I pray that his hip will heal properly this time so that he can be there for his son and be able to play with him and run and jump and do sports and football. And that he'll be able to walk well, without any trace of a limp. I pray that God will put His healing hand onto his hip so that he will become whole again. I'll have to call Mom later this week to see how he's doing.

In my bio on the Nest, I've put two countdowns. One is for trying to conceive, and one is for paying off debt. TTC will probably be at the very end of December (my last pill period will be the 27th, 28th, and 29th) and then hopefully we'll get pregnant in January. Then my paying off debt countdown is 15 or so months away. Still not just around the corner, but getting closer as each week goes by. And I can hardly believe that it is only about 15 weeks until we can get a washer and dryer. :)

Work is still going fine for both of us. Tim's part timer's last day was today, and the assistant manager he has will probably be let go at the end of summer unless some big attitude changes on his part happen. He has a positive attitude overall, but is very wishy-washy about wanting to stay with Leslie's or not. My job is fine too. I finally finished my training program, just in time, too because tomorrow we are getting more trainees in the store. It'll be fun to teach the newbies again. :)

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