Monday, July 4, 2005

july already? where did the time go?

I came on here today and wondered if I really did make a post in June, and sure enough I did... 33 days ago. LOL. Not a whole lot has happened since that entry. We are still unpacking. I finally did a big bunch of it today and the living room looks so big now. In our old apartment I had to leave all of our "good" dishes and about half of our everyday dishes in a box, but all of that is unpacked now. Before today started, I had 4 large boxes of miscellaneous kitchen things, and I was able to find homes for most of it and now I'm left with only 1 box once I condensed it back down. I even unpacked my large cookware bits and a few large stonewares. It was hard to find homes for the larger pieces, though, because the cabinets in the kitchen are a little short and not quite deep enough for some things.

Even though children are still way in the future still, I've been reading a lot in books from the library. We still plan on having our babies at home so I've been reading up on that "family" of topics. I also still am the listkeeper on the nest for my TTC Fall/Winter group. It grows every week or so as someone else requests to be added. I've been able to share several funny stories with them over the past week or so. The first month on my list is September, and it's only 2 more months before some of those people will be able to TTC. Then the months for the rest of us will seem all that much closer. :)

Right now I'm looking forward to October, though, since that is going to be the most likely time for us to get a washer and dryer. :D Tim's mom has sold his old car for us. Not for very much, but for enough that it will greatly help the washer/dryer fund. I'm so excited. :) I love new "toys". hehehe

Youngest sis hasn't had her baby yet but is due on Thursday. She was going to have a C-section last Wednesday but the baby had turned so now she just has another appointment tomorrow to see where she's at and what they want to do.

I had a plugged salivary duct earlier last month. I'd had them before but they'd always gone away within a couple of hours but this one stayed overnight and I was hurting, so I went to a walk-in clinic. The dr used two moistened q-tips to work out the tiny stone. He had me back the next morning for a follow-up, and told me that it looked "almost normal". It kinda hurt a little but a numbing needle would have hurt more so I was glad for the little pain. :)

I also found my friend L again. I sent her an e-mail but hadn't heard from her since November so I wasn't even sure if she had the same e-mail address or not. But it turns out she did and hopefully she'll get me her address and phone number so I can give her a call and a Christmas card. :)

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