Friday, July 22, 2005

a very long day of travel

So my last followup LASIK appointment was on Wednesday. Since I live out of state now, we had to make a day of it and come down for the appointment then go back the same day. We also closed out our previous checking/savings accounts, and had lunch with his parents while we were there, which made the day very long. But at least we didn't have to stop and pay tolls since we had the Pikepass. I should have gotten one of those a long time ago.

So anyway we close out our accounts first which only takes moments. Then we are going to meet his parents at a little cafe on campus that is next to the bookstore that Tim used to work at. He rings the back doorbell making like he is going to deliver something and the door raises. He recognizes his old coworkers and says hi to everyone. One of the ladies in the office said "No babies yet??". Then when his parents caught up with us, his mom gave us a Baby Einstein video, and a book on 1,000 ways to entertain a child, or something. I asked her if she was hinting at something. :P It was just kindof funny to get all those baby comments. Especially since we decided to go ahead and go off the pill after this pack.

What? You heard me. We are still not planning a pregnancy until at the end of the year but I loaned out my first edition Taking Charge of Your Fertility to a coworker, and while she has it I checked the revised edition out of the library. It reiterated my thoughts that "this is something I can do." I talked about it with Tim on the way home and he is OK with it, too. We will have to be VERY careful though, because I really don't want to get pg before late December so that our "due date month" will hopefully correspond with our credit card payoff month and I can stay at home. :)

Oh before I forget, my eye appointment. My left eye has been giving me troubles for a couple of weeks, and they did a "map" of it when I couldn't read the appropriate line, and sure enough there is some astigmatism there again. (I'm so glad now that I got the years' worth of followup exams and the enhancement, if needed). The optometrist checked my eyes and said that the flap is still looking fine. He said that if I didn't live so far away he'd want to see me in 2 months and I said that two months is very doable. So I go back at the end of September. I'll have another update then.

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