Tuesday, July 12, 2005

i'm an aunt again

Woohoo! My sister had a healthy baby boy on Sunday morning. She actually went in for an induction on Friday morning, and all day Friday nothing much was happening. They let her rest overnight and started her up again on Saturday. The baby did fine through all this, and things were happening... but not fast enough for the doctor so he decided to go ahead and give her a C-section on Sunday morning. Mom called me and said that everyone is doing fine but of course my sister is plenty sore.

Since I live 8 hours away from them again I'm not sure when I'll get to meet my new nephew in person, but in the next couple of days his newborn picture should be up on the hospital's website so I can take a peek at him then. And I'll have to have Mom send me pictures as he grows, too. Can't hardly wait until it's my turn, but even TRYING to get pregnant is still several months away, and then it may take several months after that to actually conceive. I remember while I was back in Oklahoma I really REALLY wanted to hurry up and get pregnant and start my own business so I could quit my job sooner rather than later since I felt "piled on" all the time, my coworkers were constantly using bad language, etc. But with the job I have now, I still like it, and I don't think I'll come to dislike it. So it will be OK if I don't get pregnant right away when we start trying. I wouldn't be in a hurry for a countdown to my last day (I'm planning on being a SAHM). Besides as each month goes on, that is just more $$ into savings, more time to sew maternity and nursing clothes, more time to scrapbook, etc. :)

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