Friday, March 23, 2007

fit to be tied (and dyed)

I am SO excited! We cloth diaper L, and had been using Fuzzi Bunz, but she is about to outgrow them. I was not dissatisfied with them, but they use snaps and I can't really get as good a fit as I could with velcro. So, we got some prefolds and separate covers to use for her next size in a month or so. But, the Fuzzi Bunz are all kinds of beautirul bright colors, and the new diapers are so bland comparatively. So, hubby said that we could tie dye them. :D :D :D :D Everything I've read online said that it wouldn't affect the absorbency, etc. So I ordered a bunch of dyes and supplies today and can't wait until it comes in so I can have fun! I have 48 diapers to dye. (I also bought several silk scarves that I'll be dyeing also, for L to play with when she gets older.) I'll definitely post pictures when all is said and done... unless all I make is a mess. lol. :)


Belinda said...

Sounds fun, Andrea! What colours are you going with?


Andrea said...

I'm not sure yet. I've ordered some fairly vivid red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. And then last night DH and I watched a set of tye-dying videos... they used a HUGE variety in each demo project, but the end result ended up looking too "busy" for me in most cases. Plus diapers are too thick to do some of the folds. I do know that I don't necessarily want the "tie-dyed" look to them so I'll probably limit each diaper to 3-4 coordinating colors. But as for the whole set... every color of the rainbow and then some. :)

Belinda said...

LOL sounds interesting! :)

You're so crafty - I'm so...NOT!!