Thursday, March 29, 2007


Since L is my first baby, of course I've been taking tons of pictures of her, then using the memory card to easily upload them to my computer and from there share them online or get prints from Walgreens or whatever. Unfortunately, though, I don't always remember to put the memory card BACK into the camera, and I can't remember where the cord is to get pictures straight off of the camera. It's a bummer, too, because some of those pictures were so cute and I finally caught her BIG grin on camera. She was in a good mood so I made her smile and got it! Oh well, she is so smiley that surely there will be other opportunities to catch it again.

I've borrowed a wrap from our local NINO group, and a pouch. I already have a mei tai and a ring sling of my own. I used the sling when she was tiny, and the mei tai when she got a little bigger and the sling (being a one-shouldered carrier) started to get uncomfortable. But now that she is so good at holding her head up, I want her to face the front when I carry her. I can do that in the sling, but it starts to hurt me after an hour or so. I can put her in a wrap (basically a long piece of cloth) in the same way, and that will hold her on two shoulders. I also want to carry her on my back eventually, but need a LOT of practice and instruction on that. I did manage to get her on my back by myself today, and wasn't unhappy w/ the result.

Yesterday hubby and I went up to the state Capitol to support the pregnant moms who went up there to be presented on the Senate floor in support of midwifery. Our senator loved L and gave her a kiss on the cheek, and let us say why we were there, but then went on to tell us all the "issues" she was having to "think about." Well, L apparently didn't like what she had to say, because twice she spit up right onto the carpet. And of course I didn't have my burp rag with me. It was only little spitups though so no harm done.

Tomorrow going to go visit my ILs since the last time we saw them, we basically just spent the night en route to other destinations. This time I'll get to spend a little more time with them. I'm looking forward to the visit. :)

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