Sunday, March 25, 2007

i've heard of getting an eyelash in your eye... but

Ok so every so often, L will have a random eyelash in her eye. Her eyes don't get red and she doesn't act like it's bothering her, so I usually just leave it be. Well this morning after church, I was letting a lady hold her, and we were talking. Then the lady says to me "Oh she's got an eyelash in her eye." I say that yeah, she does that every so often. But then L turned her face to me, and I saw what was going on. I'd never seen anything like it. A good-sized clump of 7-10 of her upper lashes towards the outer corner of her eye were folded down right where they join her lid, STUCK to the surface of her eye, and then "tucked in" to her lower lid. It really looked like it would hurt so bad, but this didn't look like it was bothering her in the least. Even so, I wanted to move them out of the way. I ever so gently tried stretching her eyelid, so the lashes would "pop" out of her lower lid and back into place. Well, her lashes are SO long (like her daddy's), so these gentle stretches were doing nothing. Plus the lashes were wet now, which made them adhere even more firmly to her eye and become very resistant to popping back into place. But finally, with a little more gentle manipulation, I was able to free the rogue lashes. I wish I took a picture first but didn't have my camera with me. Must remember to take it wherever I go. lol

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Actressdancer said...

This is the advantage of a camera phone. OK, the only advantage of a camera phone. I have one, and found no use for it when I recieved it (it was a hand-me-down phone)... that is until I went to a garage sale the other day and saw some furniture that I thought we might want. I took pics of the pieces and was able to share them with DH so we could decide. They aren't the best quality pictures, but at least I always have a camera with me.