Friday, March 23, 2007

raspberries and giggles

Well, "almost" giggles anyway. It's just now thinking about being spring here, so L has usually been in a onesie and a sleeper. I was changing her diaper the other day and had to change her onesie too since there was a little leak... but it was very warm in the room so before I put the new onesie on, I blew raspberries on her tummy, and she grinned SO big, and even half-laughed a few times. She's still too little to bust out with a big belly laugh, but even the few little ha ha's bring me such delight.

When she was first born, she felt SO teeny in my arms (but then would look huge when we passed a mirror). Now that she's 3 inches longer and almost 4 lbs heavier, and is holding her head up and smiling and really SEEING me, she just feels so nice in my arms. I just want to hold her and sqeeze her all day. And somehow I don't think she'd mind if I did that. Motherhood is definitely agreeing with me. :)


Belinda said...

Just wait until she does those big giggles it will crack you up! They are so infectious and fun :)

Belinda said...
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