Friday, March 2, 2007

on a big sewing kick

I'm still working on my big list of organizing, but I did manage to get my fabric sorted and inventoried, so now I am on a sewing kick before I tackle the rest of my "other" organizing. A few weeks ago I did sew a nursing dress b/c I was tired of wearing two-piece outfits to church. But lately, I have sewn another nursing dress and a matching little baby outfit (complete w/ dress, hat, and little bloomers). Tonight I am also starting a project that may be interesting. I'm making a "twist top" w/ nursing access. I'm on a sewing list and one of the listmembers has instructions for taking a regular pattern and modifying it both for twistiness and for nursing access. I didn't have a suitable plain shirt pattern so I'm using a maternity pattern. If it comes out OK, then I may make a couple more... I had 3 choices of fabric to do it up in and had a hard time deciding.

Baby L is growing. I missed her 2-month appointment due to a clerical error on my dr's office's part, but I was able to take her in and get her weighed and measured. She's now 10 lbs 9 oz and 22" long. She continues to delight me every day.

I'll get to visit family next week. I've been sending my parents weekly pictures of how she is growing, but I've held off the past couple of weeks so they can be "surprised" when I show up in person (by how she looks, not by my showing up... they ARE expecting me. lol). I can't wait. :)

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