Saturday, September 8, 2007

halloween costume thoughts

I know, Halloween is still weeks away, but I started to think of costume ideas quite a while ago. Originally I was going to have Lydia be a troll doll (you remember the ones with the colored hair that stuck straight up and the jewel in their tummy?), but decided I didn't want to mess with it. I had thought that I had a sewing pattern for a one-piece footed sleeper, but I didn't. Then if she were a troll, I was going to be 1985 again, but this time with some loud earrings to go along with that shoulder-padded, overly-ruffled outfit. I no longer have that outfit and it probably wouldn't fit still anyway, so I would have had to go down to Goodwill and try to find a similar one.

So instead, Lydia and I are going to dress in coordinating costumes. What we'll be is a secret until I get the costumes made, but I think you'll like them. I will give you a hint, though... we are dressing up as a famous mother/daughter pair.

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