Friday, September 21, 2007

sweet moments

Already in Lydia's short life, there have been countless and immeasureable "sweet moments." To write about them all would take up way too much time, but here are a few of my favorite ones:

1. The way she sometimes sticks her tongue out in the middle of a smile:

2. How she wakes up in her crib before I go to get her, and "talks" softly to her blanket, crib bumper, fingers, etc.

3. How she's usually content to lay fairly still and play with what's around her, but at the same time how her belly-crawling can be so determined if she spies something across the room that she wants, even if it's as small as a Puff.

4. The way she gives her daddy a HUGE grin when she sees him in the morning, and when he comes home from work.

5. After her night nursings, how she'll lay so calmly on my chest, sucking her thumb and waiting for the burp.

6. How she'll fall asleep in my arms and be sucking her thumb every so often, and make the tiniest little movement with her head when she sucks it.

7. If she's being entertained all day, she doesn't mind missing a nap, but then will eventually get worn out and then peacefully fall right asleep anywhere:

8. How she'll be playing with toys that she's had forever, but will randomly find them so funny that she'll just squeal out a giggle.

9. The way she finds delight in simple things, like just touching my bun when she's riding on my back.

10. How much fun it is for me to "pet" her head to keep the hair out of her eyes (and how it goes right back in there moments later if I don't clip it out of the way).

Ten is a nice round number so I'll end there for now, adding more as she grows.


Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

: )

How sweet!!

Don't you just love being a stay at home mom. Our girls are so precious.

PS. Caroline has that same shirt.

Jennifer said...

I love the picture Andrea. They are so few and far between now I really miss them now. But when it does happen it just makes you melt!