Thursday, September 6, 2007

squinchy faces

I thought I'd share a few of her "squinchy" faces that she does fairly regularly now. She bunches up her eyes, nose, and mouth and then sniffs a little bit. It's hard to describe in words, so without further delay, here are a few pics:

Apart from the squinchy face, she's not really doing anything new. I'm still feeding her baby food when I remember... which hasn't been very often lately. She's still crawling on her belly (as opposed to hands and knees), and I guess she can still babble a little bit even though she hasn't even done that recently either. She's still waking up at night and still has no teeth.

In other news, hubby caught a little gecko the other day and decided that he wants to keep it as a pet. So I went out yesterday and got a little aquarium and a few accessories... and some live crickets. Yes, this new pet eats LIVE crickets. But, I'm not squeamish about it at all. My grandfather was a serious fisherman when he was alive, and used live worms and live crickets as bait. I put my own crickets on the fishhook long ago. Plus they're not very big at all, the biggest ones are probably only a half-inch long or so. But anyway. So far the little gecko likes to hide a lot. I actually found a whole message board devoted to geckos and according to them, I probably have a Mediterranean House Gecko, which will grow to a max of 6 inches.

One of the classes at church this quarter is a class on parenting. I've only gone to two classes so far (since the quarter just started), but so far I'm really enjoying it. I know that the material in it will be helpful as Lydia gets older and we add more children to our family.

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