Friday, September 14, 2007

transcribing coming back

Yay, I finally got a hold of my old transcribing job and they reactivated me. :) There probably won't be any work for me until the middle of next month, but that's OK. I really need the time to finish up sewing projects and dye several diapers and get those on the web, and possibly make a few crocheted baby headbands, although I may wait until after my next paycheck in November or so to really do those.

Lydia's teeth finally popped through. She has two teensy white lines on her bottom gums now. I need to get a picture sometime. She's still not doing hands and knees crawling, but she does get up on her hands and knees and will even lift one of her arms, but then she puts it right back down where it was before. We got her a Superyard, to help keep her contained when I do transcribing. So far she seems to like it, although she'd rather me play with her than her be in there by herself. She likes it if I'm outside and I stick my face onto the "wall", then she'll come up and try to grab my nose or lips, or sometimes just try to mash her face up against mine.

The parenting class at church is going well. It's weird being in there w/ such a young baby, b/c a lot of the principles are applied better to children who actually need a little more guidance than a 9 month old, but I really like it just the same. The teacher told us some things on Wednesday that were scary, though, about how a child will try to manipulate his/her parents and possibly turn them against each other (like by going to Dad when Mom said no, and then Dad doesn't back Mom up and Mom and Dad then fight about it later). He also said that Moms are better at guiding girls b/c they were once girls and can think like a girl, and Dads are better at guiding boys for the same reasons. And that made sense to me. Hubby and I recently read a couple of books, "For Men Only" and "For Women Only", by Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn, and it was really eye-opening for both of us.

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Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

I'm glad the Superyard is working out for you. I could never get Caroline to do playpen time. She would scream the entire time. I tried everything.