Monday, February 7, 2005

frito pie should not just be for southerners

So at work today I got a call from a lady at another company that mine works closely with. She needed me to check a particular order, and I was in the process of downloading the group of orders it was in right then, so we made idle chat while it downloaded. (for about 5 minutes). She was in Seattle and mentioned that she didn't think I have much of an accent, and thought that I lived somewhere else besides Oklahoma before I moved here. I told her I did, but it was Texas, so it's still a Southern state to her. :) We got to talking about the differences between north and south, and I remembered on those message boards I was on (which are now also on that someone posted wanting a recipe for Frito Pie. We Southern girls accommodated her and gave her the "recipe" (bowl of Fritos, put chili on it, put cheese on it, heat and eat). I was mentioning this briefly to the lady in Seattle and how there are other things besides an accent that differs regionally. I told her about Frito Pie and she wanted the "recipe" too, so I told her how to make it and she said that it sounded good. Something that she has that we don't is a bunch of Starbucks and other coffee places.

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