Thursday, February 3, 2005

litter, little e-baby, lasik

Well I haven't had any trouble with the cats (except for the occasional miss because of their positioning, not them being obstinant and aiming badly on purpose), but I also haven't been enlarging the hole every Tuesday and Friday like I had planned. I did enlarge it tonight though and am thinking that once a week or so is probably a better rate for them. I did have to sit the sitz bath in a metal mixing bowl in the toilet since our litter technically isn't flushable even though it is paper. Right now there is no water in the mixing bowl. I am waiting until the hole is a little larger (it's about quarter-sized right now) until I add the water so I can still reuse the litter that falls through for now. Once I add water I will be going through litter much faster. Maybe I can start off with just a little water.

My "Nano Baby" is now 23 lbs, and 1 1/4 years old. The instructions said that when the first baby turns 3, you can press two of the buttons and a sibling is born. Then you raise THAT baby to 3 also and the game has its sucessful ending of a happy family.

Over Christmas, Tim called one of the LASIK facilities here in town because they were giving away some discount gift certificates. He wants me to have my eyes done. We'll have to use part of our tax refund to get a jump start on the payments. At least they have a 12-month interest free option. Anyway I had my initial consultation on Tuesday, to make sure my eyes were in the right condition to be eligible for the surgery, and they are. I am nervous now and excited. The surgery is 20 days from now. The countdown is on.