Thursday, February 10, 2005

the litter pan hole is now more than an inch

I cut the sitz bath hole a little larger this afternoon. Now it's a little more than an inch all around. I am still not ready to put water into the mixing bowl though. The hole is still too small for it to really have any effect. Things could get interesting here in a month or so because Tim and I may take a few days off to go see some dear friends in Alabama. They lived in Oklahoma for a while and I got to meet them. The husband even is the one that married me and Tim, but they had moved back to Alabama by the time of the wedding so we haven't seen them since then. Our best man, who currently lives in Texas, is going to be in Alabama when we plan to also... he is a preacher too and is going to hold a gospel meeting there. Some of you out there may call it a "revival". We would be gone about 5 days, and Tim's brother would come watch the cats for us while we were gone. I may or may not be ready for water at that point. Probably not. I probably will keep taking the "hole cutting" very slowly and then go a tiny bit faster after we get back from that trip. That would probably be easiest on all parties involved.

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