Saturday, February 12, 2005

thinking of others more than myself

Tim and I went to another of the Bible studies about the home last night. This time the subject was dating and courtship and how you should determine whether you want to marry someone or not. There were about 12 people there but only 3 of them were single. But we all can use tips and hints to help improve our marriage.

Afterwards, we stayed over there and talked until midnight-ish. I found out a few struggles that some of our friends are going through. One couple had lost their first baby last month, and now one of her coworkers is expecting. She is struggling a lot right now so I am keeping her in my prayers that she may be strong, and that God may bless them with another baby soon.

Another couple is a blended family, and because of a spanking (not done in anger, not done anywhere but the bottom) left a few bruises on one of their children, they are now under investigation for child abuse. It is possible that they may lose the children permanently. When I used to work at Walmart as a cashier, I would bump into parts and corners of my "register cubicle" and get bruises. I even managed to give myself a 4" by 1" one on my thigh one time. Bruises are going to happen sometimes, and of course there are plenty of people out there who bruise easier than others. Granted I am not sure if the child falls into that "bruising easily" category, but I have seen nothing but love in that family. We've even had them over to our place for dinner and games and they are one of the happiest, well-adjusted blended families I've known of. Nobody yelled, the children were well-behaved and smiling, etc. I pray that they will be able to get their children back, but if it is not God's will then I pray fervently that the parents will be able to find healing and be able to forgive, and that it will not be a strain on their marriage.

On a lighter note, my mother in law is taking me to An Affair of the Heart today, a large craft-show bonanza thing. Maybe I can get some decorating ideas for when and if Tim and I ever get our own house.

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