Friday, February 18, 2005

my rotary cutter will be the best thing that happened to my sewing

Wow. I should have splurged and bought a rotary cutter and cutting mat a long time ago. I haven't sewn in a while because of time and space issues, but the last several times I did, I would have my fabric laid out on the carpet, and I would be kneeled over it with my scissors, turning every which way to get the curves, etc cut out of the different pattern pieces.

Well, several months ago, rotary cutters and mats went on sale at the fabric store I like. They were half off. So I bought the largest mat they had (34" by 36"), the smallest cutter they had (1" or so diameter so I can do the tight curves), and several extra blades. I got motivated yesterday evening to do a little sewing, so I dug out a pattern and some fabric from my stash and got to it. I had the mat on the table, with the fabric and pattern laid over it, and I got the cutter and started cutting. Before ever using it I was skeptical because fabric is pretty sturdy (so is paper for that matter), and if I tried to cut fabric or paper using, say, a knife... or just one side of a pair of scissors, it wouldn't work and I would just end up with creases or maybe tiny tears.

But I used the rotary cutter and WOW. It sliced it through neatly like butter, completely effortless. I've never cut out an entire pattern so quickly before. Unfortunately I put a tiny cut in the dining room table too, but oh well. Now it will look lived on instead of pristine and untouchable. :) I can hardly wait to finish this dress so I can cut out another one. :P But I must work more on my drawings first.