Monday, February 14, 2005

happy valentine's day

So today is another holiday where people in a serious relationship usually exchange gifts. But Tim got me mine on Friday since he was off. He surprised me at work with a pink, white, and red rose bouquet; a card with a poem he wrote himself in it, and a few other tiny gifts and candies. I jokingly told him that he can't buy my love. :P The roses arrived still in bud form and it was just yesterday and today that they are finally opening significantly. I gave them their second pouch of "flower food" today. I was curious what cut flowers eat, but I decided to only sniff the packet instead of taste it. Whatever it is smells slightly sweet. Sweet, just like the love that Tim and I have for each other.

Ok that was really, REALLY sappy. LOL. Anyway happy Valentine's day to everyone. :)

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