Monday, April 16, 2007

new tricks and giggles

Well, L finally found something funny enough to laugh at it more than once. (Although it was hard to tell that she was laughing b/c her laugh is still that "heh heh" sound that could be a cry if you weren't looking at her.) Anyway. It's been unseasonably cold here lately, but even her warm-weather sleepers have feet on them, so opportunity to clip her nails is few and far between. But the other day I was changing her and she was in a good mood, so I thought I'd clip the most offensive few toenails while her feet were exposed. I did this right there on the changing table, and my elbow happened to be up in her face. For some reason, she thought that was SO funny. She made her laughy noise and I looked at her to make sure she was laughing, and she had a HUGE grin on her face. Since then, she has at the very least smiled at an elbow in her face, and even has giggled a few more times. :)

Her other trick she has done before once or twice, but started it back up again pretty regularly yesterday. She has always been fond of sticking her tongue out, but yesterday she kept sticking it into her bottom lip. It made her look like an ape. lol. I think it's possibly another sign that she's teething, b/c it almost seemed like she was feeling her gums w/ her tongue. Her cheeks also keep turning pinker than usual. Otherwise, she still has a great disposition. Sure would be nice if teething is mild for her... but I've been so blessed w/ her laid-back-ness (is that a word?) so far that I'm sure I'm in for some long days and nights coming up. Oh well, she's more than worth it. :)

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