Friday, April 13, 2007

they don't smell like cheese anymore, and some sewing

So, for the past several days, L's diapers have only been wet. I knew she was "saving up" a doozy for me, and it finally arrived this afternoon. Maybe it was the beans and chili I'd been eating this past week, I don't know, but her diaper did NOT smell like the strong cheese that they used to in the past. It was a regular stinky diaper. Very ripe. Certain circumstances have prevented me from going grocery shopping lately, but tomorrow I will have to try to get some healthier foods and hopefully her "cheesy" diapers will return. I had always heard that the dipes stay "unstinky" so long as she's not eating solids yet, but I guess there is always an exception.

As for sewing, I made a pouch that I'll have to take in quite a bit, and I'm also still working on a mei tai for my friends who are having their baby in Oklahoma later this month (or early next month). Hopefully I can finish both of those today and tomorrow.

I'm done training for my newest work at home gig, and have "real" work to do this afternoon already. I am very excited. :)

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