Monday, April 9, 2007

transcription will be in my future

Whether it's the near future or the far future... and whether it's medical or general... all that is yet to be determined. But speaking of "determined", that is what I am now. I am determined to be a work at home transcriber. The forums at Work At Home Mom are a fabulous wealth of information and experience from those who have been there. I put out my applications with as many companies listed as I feasably could, and hope to find gainful employment soon.

If none of my online searches pan out, I will still be doing transcription, but I will be doing it the "hard" way, by marketing myself. I will have to check with my mom and a friend of mine who both do transcription to see if they will let me get a little experience. Having even a tiny amount of experience is better when marketing onesself than saying "Hi, can I transcribe for you? BTW you'll be my guinea pig because I've never done it before."

I am still technically "active" with LiveOps, and will take enough calls to stay active with them. Lydia is an easy baby and will entertain herself, but she does so very noisily, which of course is not a good background noise to have when I'm taking a call. Transcription would be ideal because I have the skills and the motivation (single income family still living on about an income and a tenth lifestyle... it's that little tenth that'll get us into trouble eventually). And that's all I really need. I don't plan on having any work at home option to be a full-time endeavor... just a little something to help take the "edge" off the budget each month.

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