Monday, April 2, 2007

visit with the inlaws

I had a good visit with the inlaws this weekend. Felt sorry for my poor MIL though. She's been suffering from frequent UTI's and had one over the weekend... laid her up on Sunday with a 102 degree fever. (39 celcius). She'll have surgery this summer to make some repairs to that area. Hopefully the infections will stop then, too.

I took both the wrap and the pouch, intending to use the pouch on my travelling days since it's quicker and easier to pop her in and out than the wrap, and to practice w/ the wrap while visiting. But I never got around to using the wrap. I did get LOTS of comments on the pouch though. L is a quiet baby who usually just looks around at things. Today on the way back, I stopped for lunch and set my food down on a table, then walked back to get some napkins, passing a guy who was sitting close by. On my way back to the table he said to me that he thought I was pregnant w/ a baby's face printed on my shirt... until he saw L move her head. What a start that must have given him. :P

On that same lunch visit, I was sitting in a back corner so I could feed L a little privately. I was soon joined by another breastfeeding mother (she w/ a 2 month old) who also had a toddler. I was pretty much finished by the time she sat down, but we chatted for a bit. I didn't feel like my 5-hour drive was very long at all after hearing her trip... El Paso, TX to Ohio. She said it was going to have taken her 3 days by the time she gets to her destination.

L's newest "trick" is sucking on her bottom lip. Sometimes she just does that, and sometimes she talks while she's sucking on it. It's a good way for her to blow a bunch of bubbles. :P Over the weekend we visited the church that hubby and I went to when we lived there, and everyone said that she looks like hubby. :P Maybe our next baby will be a little mini-me. But that's a long way off. I'm still enjoying this one and trying to give her all the attention she deserves. :)

My next few months are going to be VERY busy. I have another trip planned towards the end of this month, then in May I'm going camping for a week (in cabins w/ showers and utilities... no tents in the woods for me, thank you very much. lol), then in early June I'm going to Indiana, then in late June back to OK to help out MIL after her surgery. Hopefully I can rest a little in July and then possibly make a trip to my family in August. Hubby's sister is arriving from Japan for a visit in August so I'll be able to coordinate a visit w/ her too around the same time.

So if you don't see a blog from me until after August... that's why. :P

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