Thursday, April 19, 2007

restless sleeper, done dyeing

Ever since she was tiny, L has been a restless sleeper. I'll lay her down in the middle of her crib and she will wiggle and squirm and move around until she's wedged herself next to an edge. But she's never bothered by this, and continues to sleep peacefully. A few weeks ago, I encountered this when I went to peek at her in the morning:

Then this morning, her little feet were sticking out between the rails and on top of the bumper. In both cases she was still either sleeping or as happy as can be. (She usually wakes up in a good mood). I just think it's funny how much she moves.

Tuesday, hubby and I finally dyed. I dyed a length of fabric to be used as a wrap baby carrier, and we also dyed 48 prefold diapers. I'm pleased with the way most everything turned out. Here's a few samples:

I was surprised how long the overall dyeing process took, but I shouldn't have been surprised since each of the 49 pieces of cloth had to be tied and dyed individually. Hubby and I had a lot of fun, though. Maybe someday I can dye some more. :)


Belinda said...

Glad you're happy with the tie-dye results :)

Re the bumper - is it not recommended in the States to leave out bumpers and everything else other than a bottom sheet in a cot? It's a HUGE no-no here, but I realise that there could be differences.

Andrea said...

There's discussions that can go either way about bumpers. They're definitely not meant to be a permanent crib fixture (i.e. when the baby is walking they could stand on the bumper and climb out of the crib), and I decided to use a bumper for now. But it's common here in the US to have a bumper... now as for other "stuff" in the crib (blankets, stuffed animals, etc.), they say to leave all that out and I can understand where they come from on that.

Lucy said...

Love the dyed diapers. I use my prefolds to soak up the dye when I am dying but have never dyed them on pupose. Might have to give that a try. Those are so cute.